Toshiba DKT

Toshiba BHEU1A Headset Adapter

The Toshiba BHEU1A Headset Adapter is a board that installs in the Toshiba DKT3000 series telephone so that a headset can be connected.

Toshiba DADM2020 Add on Module

The Toshiba DADM2020 Add on Module is a 20 Button Add on Module for the Toshiba DKT2000 series phones.

Toshiba DADM2060 Add on Module

The Toshiba DADM2060 is an 60 button Add on Module for the Toshiba DKT2000 series phones.

Toshiba DADM3020 Add on Module

The Toshiba Strata DADM3020 is a 20 Button Add on Module that adds 20 feature buttons to any of the Toshiba DKT3000 Series phones.

Toshiba DADM3220 20 Button Add On Module

The Toshiba DADM3220 is a 20-button Digital Direct Station Select Console (DSS).

Toshiba DDSS2060 Attendant Console

The Toshiba DDSS2060 is an add on module for the Toshiba DKT telephones with a 60 button direct digital station selection console.

Toshiba DDSS3060 Digital DSS

The Toshiba DDSS3060 Digital DSS attaches to any Toshiba DKT3000 phone.

Toshiba DDSS3260 60 Button DSS

The Toshiba DDSS3260 DSS console provides an additional 60 programmable buttons for the DKT3200 series telephones.

Toshiba DKT2001 Phone

The Toshiba DKT2001 is a Digital Single Line Telephone.

Toshiba DKT2004-CB Cordless Telephone

The Toshiba DKT2004-CB is a cordless 900Mhz digital telephone that comes with a base, belt clip, AC adapter, telephone cord, and a 400mah rechargeable battery.

Toshiba DKT2010-H Phone

The Toshiba DKT 2010-H has handsfree answerback on intercom. This phone does not have a speakerphone.

Toshiba DKT2010-S Phone

The Toshiba DKT 2010-S Phone has 10 buttons which can be used for lines and/or features. The DKT2010-S phone features a Speakerphone, Automatic Park in Orbit, Busy Lamp Field, CO Line Identification, Message Waiting and Private CO Line.

Toshiba DKT2010-SD Phone

The Toshiba DKT2010-SD Phone is a 10 button digital speakerphone with Liquid Crystal Display. The Toshiba DKT2010-SD can be expanded using up to two Toshiba DADM2020 add on modules.

Toshiba DKT2020-FDSP Phone

The Toshiba DKT2020-FDSP is a is a Full-Duplex Speakerphone. This model enables both parties of a speakerphone call to speak simultaneously in full-duplex mode.

Toshiba DKT2020-S Phone

The Toshiba DKT2020-S Phone is a 20 button speakerphone. This phone does not have a display.

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