Panasonic DBS

Panasonic DBS VB-43415 CPC-EX CPU Circuit Card

The Panasonic DBS VB-43415 CPC-EX CPU Circuit Card.

Panasonic DBS VB-43421 Processor

The Panasonic DBS VB-43421 Processor Unit works with the Panasonic DBS 40, 72 and 96 Port Cabinets.

Panasonic DBS VB-43431 DTMF Receiver Card

The Panasonic DBS VB-43431 card provides 8 DTMF receiver circuits.

Panasonic DBS VB-43510 Loop Start Trunk Card (4x0)

The Panasonic VB-43510 is a Loop Start Trunk Card (4x0) that supports 4 loop start CO lines.

Panasonic DBS VB-43511A 8 Port Trunk Card

The Panasonic VB-43511A card is Caller ID compatible and accepts the Caller ID Daughter Boards.

Panasonic DBS VB-43551 8 Port Caller ID Card

The Panasonic DBS VB-43551 provides Caller ID for the Panasonic DBS system.

Panasonic DBS VB-43561 T1 Trunk Card

Panasonic DBS VB-43561 T1 Trunk card only. Entire kit with VB-43562 and VB-43563 not included.

Panasonic DBS VB-43611 DEC Card

The Panasonic DBS VB-43611 DEC is an 8 circuit digital extension card that works with the Panasonic DBS phone system.

Panasonic DBS VB-43621A AEC Card

The Panasonic DBS VB-43621A AEC card is an analog extension card.

Panasonic DBS VB-44191S4 Integrated Feature Module

The Panasonic DBS VB-44191S4 (IFM4S) is a 4 Port Integrated Voicemail Module.

Panasonic DBS VB-44210 Phone

The Panasonic VB-44210 is a 16 button phone that provides 6 flexible feature/line keys (dual colored LED's) and 10 personal speed dial keys.

Panasonic DBS VB-44220 Phone

The Panasonic DBS VB-44220 phone is a 22 button phone with 12 programmable feature or line keys, 10 speed dial and feature keys. The VB-44220 has no display.

Panasonic DBS VB-44223 Phone

The Panasonic DBS VB-44223 phone is a 22 button phone with 12 LED buttons, 10 flexible non LED buttons, speakerphone and display.

Panasonic DBS VB-44224 Phone

The Panasonic DBS VB-44224 phone provides 12 flexible feature/line keys (dual colored integrated hands-free speakerphone and a 2-line liquid crystal diplay (LCD).

Panasonic DBS VB-44225 Phone

The Panasonic DBS VB-44225 phone is a 22 button phone that has 12 flexible LED feature or line keys, 10 soft keys and an integrated speakerphone, a large display and a speakerphone.

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