Norstar Application Module (NAM) 6 Port Fiber

The Norstar NAM Fiber 6 Port Voice Mail provides advanced voice processing and auto attendant features integrated with the Norstar telephone systems and provides language support for English, Spanish, and French.


The Norstar Applications Module (NAM) 6 Port Fiber Voice Mail can be expanded to 32 channels to provide support for other applications like ACD and IVR, with a maximum of 16 channels for Norstar Voice Mail. The Norstar NAM voicemail can have up to 1000 Mailboxes, 100 Hours of message storage time, and a Fiber Interface (Connects to Norstar System thru Fiber Expansion Port).

The Norstar NAM 6 Port Fiber is compatible with the following Norstar systems: Norstar 3x8, Norstar 6x16, Norstar 8x24, Norstar MICS and Norstar CICS phone systems.

Two Year Warranty



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