Nortel BCM 50a 3.0 Base Unit w/ADSL

The Nortel BCM50a 3.0 base unit comes equipped with ADSL Router and includes the following features: 100 Ring Groups 30 Hunt Groups.


The Nortel BCM 50a 3.0 Base Unit w/ADSL aslo features:
Set based admin or LAN based admin 
600 CLID log spaces 
70-255 system speed dials
10 voicemail ports 
100 hours of voicemail storage 
Up to 12 IP Trunks available, including SIP trunks 
Up to 32 IP sets supported 
Nortel BST door phones now supported on BCM50 2.0 & BCM50 3.0 
Fax messaging is supported 
Unified messaging is supported 
Nortel Intelligent & Basic Call Center supported 
Nortel Call Center Reporting available 
Mailboxes and Park and Page available 
Up to 44 digital phones, using one expansion cabinet 
Up to 1000 Mailboxes 
One PRI supported, using one expansion cabinet
Keycodes are required for everything including expansion cabinets. 
Nortel BCM50 uses a 40 GB SATA HD 
Up to Two Expansion Cabinets are supported 
One Media Bay Module per Expansion Cabinet, maximum two Cabinets 
Dip switches not used, Digital Mobility NOT supported 
Nortel T7406 ONLY cordless officially supported 
BCM50 2.0 now supports up to 18 conference calls. 
BCM50 3.0 now supports Meet Me Conferencing bridge. 
BCM50 now includes Call Detail Reporting software from RSI 

Two Year Warranty



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Nortel BCM 50a 3.0 Base Unit w/ADSL

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