Merlin Phone System

Merlin 1030/3070 Power Supply

The Merlin 1030/3070 Power Supply is for Merlin 1030 control unit or 3070 expansion unit.

Merlin 206 Control Unit

The Merlin 206 Control Unit initial capacity is 2 lines and 6 telephones.

Merlin 410 Control Unit

The Merlin 410 Control Unit initial capacity is 4 lines and 10 telephones.

Merlin 820 (0x5) Voice Terminal Module

The Merlin 820 (0x5) Voice Terminal Expansion Module allows you to add 5 more Merlin telephones to your Merlin system.

Merlin 820 (2x0) Line Module

The Merlin 820 (2x0) Line Expansion Module allows you to add 2 more telephone lines to you Merlin phone system.

Merlin 820 (2x5) Expansion Module

The Merlin 820 (2x5) Expansion Module allows you to add 2 lines and 5 Merlin telephones to your Merlin 820 phone system.

Merlin 820 Control Unit (2x5)

The Merlin 820 Control Unit comes factory configured to handle 2 lines and 5 telephones. The maximum capacity for this control unit is 8 lines and 20 telephones.

Merlin BTMI

The Merlin BTMI (Basic Telephone Modem Interface) lets you connect one tip/ring device (modem, fax, answering machine, etc.) to your existing Merlin System eliminating the need for a dedicated line for that device.

Merlin Extra Alert/Power Failure Cartridge

The Merlin Extra Alert Power Failure Catridge provides for hook up for bell or strobe signal and provides communications during power failure for telephones.

Merlin Feature Package 1

The Merlin Feature Package 1 is a Plug-in cartridge for the Merlin 206 and Merlin 410 control units.

Merlin Feature Package 2

The Merlin Feature Package 2 is a Plug-in cartridge for the Merlin 206, 410 and 820 control units.

Merlin GPA (General Purpose Adapter)

The Merlin GPA (General Purpose Adapter) connects 1 Tip/Ring voice terminal device to your Merlin telephone allowing you to have a telephone and an additional device at a workstation without adding a dedicated line.

Merlin II 008 ATL

The Merlin II/Legend 008 ATL Module allows you to add 8 more Merlin System (ATL) telephones to your Merlin II or Merlin Legend system.

Merlin II 008D

The Merlin II 008D Module allows you to add 8 more digital voice terminals to your Merlin II system.

Merlin II 012 Basic

The Merlin II 012 Basic Telephone Module adds up to 12 rotary, touch-tone, or touch-tone with message waiting telephones.

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