Merlin Magix System

Merlin Magix 008 MLX

The Merlin Magix 008 MLX Expansion Module has 8 ports for MLX Telephone Sets, data/video BRI adjuncts and CTI adjuncts.

Merlin Magix 008 OPT

The Merlin Magix 008 OPT Expansion Module has 8 station ports for Off-Premises Tip/Ring analog telephones, fax machines, or modems.

Merlin Magix 016 ETR

The Merlin Magix 016 ETR Expansion Module has 16 ports for Partner Enhanced Tip/Ring (ETR/Eurostyle) office telephones, Partner multi-line sets (MLS), Trans Talk and the 905 Business Cordless Phone.

Merlin Magix 016 MLX

The Merlin Magix 016 MLX Expansion Module has 16 station ports for MLX phones, data/video BRI adjuncts, and CTI adjuncts.

Merlin Magix 016 T/R

The Merlin Magix 016 T/R (Tip and Ring) Expansion Module has 16 ports for rotary or touch-tone analog Tip/Ring single-line telephones, fax machines, modems, or voice mail ports.

Merlin Magix 024 TDL

The Merlin Magix 024 TDL Expansion Module has 24 station ports for Merlin Magix 4400 Series phones.

Merlin Magix 100 DCD

The Merlin Magix 100 DCD Expansion Module has a built in CSU DSU for Merlin Magix Release 1.5 or higher.

Merlin Magix 100 DS1

The Merlin Magix 100 DS1 connects one DS1 circuit (24 channels) that can be configured for either T1 or PRI service.

Merlin Magix 100R INA

The Merlin Magix 100R INA Expansion Module integrates internet access and telephone connection on a single T1 line.

Merlin Magix 400E&M

The Merlin Magix 400 E&M Features adds a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) feature-tie line support.

Merlin Magix 408 GS/LS-ID MLX

The Merlin Magix 408 GS/LS-ID MLX Expansion Module connects any combination of up to 4 ground-start or loop-start lines, 8 station ports for MLX telephones, BRI adjuncts and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) adjuncts.

Merlin Magix 412 TDL

The Merlin Magix 412 TDL Expansion Module Connects 4 loop-start lines and 12 station ports for the Magix 4400 Series telephones.

Merlin Magix 800 DID

The Merlin Magix 800 DID Expansion Module connects up to 8 analog Direct Inward Dialing (DID) trunks and has personal telephone numbers for every extension.

Merlin Magix 800 GS/LS-ID (ICLID)

The Merlin Magix 800 GS/LS-ID Expansion Module provides eight loop-or ground-start ports.

Merlin Magix Basic Carrier

The Merlin Magix Basic Carrier holds the Merlin Magix Processor and Expansion Cards. Comes with Power Supply.

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