Panasonic KX-TVA50 Voicemail

The Panasonic KX-TVA50 has 2 ports and 4 hours of flash memory voice storage, and 64 mailboxes.


The KX-TVA50 can be expanded up to 6 ports and 8 hours of memory time.

The KX-TVA50 includes Automated Attendant Service, Live Call Screening, Custom Service, Interview Service, Voice Mail Service and a 32-bit microprocessor.

The Panasonic KX-TVA50 Features:

Includes GUI Software
2 ports (expandable up to 6 using KX-TVA502 or KX-TVA503)
Maximum 2 port capacity for KX-TA624 & KX-TA824 only
4 hours message storage (expandable up to 8 using KX-TVA524)
Automated attendant
Call screening
Live call screening
Remote live call screening (DPITS only)
Callback number entry
Caller ID name announcement
Caller ID personal greeting
Caller ID call routing
Covering extension
Custom service
Direct mailbox access (DPITS and APITS)
Email integration
Enhanced message notification
External message delivery
Fax detection
Holiday service
Intercom paging
Interview service
Voice mail service
DTMF dialing method
Flash time - 100/300/600/900 msec (programmable)
CPC detection - None/6.5/150/300/450/600 msec (programmable)
Type of line - loop start
2 - 5 digits extension numbering (programmable)
Pause time - 100ms to 9900ms
Light message waiting lamp
Main CPU - 32-bit microprocessor
Up to 64 mailboxes
Unlimited number of messages
Up to 360 second personal greeting message length
1 - 30 days or unlimited system message retention time (programmable)
1 - 60 minute maximum message length (programmable)
2 conductor telephone line integration with modular connector (RJ-11C)
USB, LAN (optional using KX-TVA594) & modem data (optional using KX-TVA296) ports
Two-way record (DPITS & APIT)
Two-way transfer (DPITS and APITS only)
Automatic configuration (DPITS and APITS)
Dial by name
Group delivery
Message transfer (with or without comments)
Day/Night service
Voice prompts
System reports
Multilingual service
Remote call forwarding set (DPITS only)
Activity reports (mailbox information, call account, port usage, HDD usage, mailbox usage, fax call, call handling statistics, custom service, message status, subscriber setup, security information, hourly statistics and email) Greetings (after hours / busy / no answer)
Internal message delivery
Mailbox name
Mailbox password
Message delivery status
Message reception mode
Message erase / fast forward / pause / playback / repeat / rewind / save / scan / Skip
New message notification
Play previous message
Private messages
Reply to subscriber(s)
Time and date stamp
All calls transferred to mailbox
Alternate extension transfer sequence
Auto message move / copy
Broadcast message
Call blocking
Call transfer status
Class of service
Time synchronization with PBX (DPITS only)
Coverage mode - busy / no answer
Daylight saving time assignment
Department dialing
External message delivery status
Fax management
Fax transfer
Personal group distribution lists
System groups mailbox
Hold call
General delivery mailbox
Guest mailbox
Interview mailbox
Message manager mailbox
Subscriber mailbox
System manager mailbox
Message waiting notification - continuous/outdial/pager/scheduled
Multiple company greetings
Operator service - day / night
Recordable system prompts
Rotary telephone service
Service access commands
System clock
System prompts after personal greeting
Unlimited message length
Digital integration
In-band integration
PC-based programming
Quick set-up
System manager administration
Utility commands
Remote change of company greeting
Built-in modem for remote maintenance (optional)
Spanish prompts

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Panasonic KX-TVA50 Voicemail

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