Avaya Definity System

Definity TN790 Processor

The Definity TN790 is a circuit packet level replacement for the TN786B/CPP1 combination.

Definity TN790B

The TN790B is very similar to the TN790. The circuit pack is designed to handle errors that are associated with the EM-BUS and is required for use of the C-LAN (TN799) and NetPkt (TN794) circuit packs in R7 and later.

Definity TN791

The Definity TN791 features: 16-ports. Each port supports 1 voice terminal, such as 500 (rotary dial) and 2500 terminals (DTMF dial).

Definity TN792

The Definity TN792 works with Definity R7 or later si systems and copies contents of memory from the primary Switch Processing Element (SPE) to a standby SPE, so that the latter can take over immediately when the former fails.

Definity TN793

The Definity TN793 supports 24 analog telephones. The TN793 is supported on Definity Release 6.3 or higher.

Definity TN793B

The Definity TN793B supports 24 analog telephones. The TN793B is supported on Definity Release 6.3 or higher. The TN793B supports Caller ID on Definity R8.2 or higher.

Definity TN794

The Definity TN794 features: Replaces the NETCON (TN777B) and PACCON (TN778) in R8 or later si systems. Not backward compatible with earlier releases.

Definity TN795

The Definity TN795 provides a system offering support for up to 40 voice stations with co-resident voice switching, voice and fax messaging and system applications that are running on a Microsoft Windows NT operating system.

Definity TN798B

The Definity TN798B integrates many functions of the TN790 processor and the TN777B NETCON circuit packs onto a single circuit pack.

Definity TN799C

The Definity TN799C features: Simplifies the connections between adjunct equipment and Definity.

Definity TN799DP

The Definity TN799DP features: Provides TCP/IP connectivity over Ethernet or PPP (Point to Point Protocol) connections to applications, such as CentreVu CMS, Intuity, Audix, DCS, printers, call accounting/CDR, and Property Management Systems (PMS).

Definity TN801B

The Definity TN801B MAPD (LAN Gateway Interface) is part of the Multi-Application Platform Definity (MAPD).

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Avaya Definity System

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