Avaya Definity System

Definity TN2224B

The Definity TN2224B 2-Wire Digital 24-Port Circuit Pack provides 24 DCP ports that can connect to 2-wire terminals such as the 6400, 8400, or 9400 series digital voice terminals and the 302C attendant console.

Definity TN2224CP

The Definity TN2224CP 24-Port Digital Circuit Pack provides 24 DCP ports that can connect to 2-wire terminals such as the 6400, 8400, or 9400 series digital voice terminals and the 302C attendant console.

Definity TN2302AP

The Definity TN2302AP IP Media Processor w/IP Adapter provides VoIP audio access to the switch for local stations and for outside trunks.

Definity TN2312BP IP Server Interface

The TN2312BP IP server interface (IPSI) provides transport of control messages.

Definity TN2313AP

The Definity TN2313AP DS1 Interface Interfaces a DS1 trunk to the switch backplane.

Definity TN2401

The TN2401 Net/Pkt Interface (R9si or later) is in R9si systems, the TN2401 Net/Pkt interface replaces the TN794.

Definity TN2401/TN2400

The Avaya Definity TN2401/TN2400 Net/Pkt Interface Sandwich Board Assembly for si/i Upgrades.

Definity TN2402

The Definiy TN2402 Processor includes a 32-bit CPU complex and a maintenance processor complex providing serial communications and maintenance functions.

Definity TN2404

The Definity TN2404 Processor (R9si or later) is in R9si systems, the TN2404 processor circuit pack replaces the TN790B.

Definity TN2464

The Definity TN2464 DS1 Interface supports T1 (24-channel) and E1 (32-channel) digital facilities.

Definity TN2464BP

The Definity TN2464BP DS1 Interface Circuit Pack supports DS1 Rate (24 Digital Channels) and E1 Rate (32 Digital Channels).

Definity TN2501AP

The Definity TN2501AP Voice Announcements over LAN (VAL) offers up to 1 hour of announcement storage capacity and provides shorter backup/restore times.

Definity TN2793B

The Definity TN2793B 24-Port Analog Circuit Pack is a dual coded, 24-port analog line that performs all the functions of the TN746B, 16-port analog line circuit pack.

Definity TN420C

The TN420C Tone Detector detects and analyzes tones on the Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) bus and provides two Network Processing Elements (NPEs).

Definity TN429D

The Definity TN429D DIOD Provides 8 ports for direct inward/outward dialing (DIOD) trunks.

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Avaya Definity System

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