Avaya IP406 V2 DS MUL-BASE (700359946)

The Avaya IP406 V2 features: 8 LAN Ports, 8 Digital Station Ports, 2 Analog Station Ports.


The Avaya IP406 V2 features: 

8 LAN Ports - Eight 10/100 Mbps switched ports, Layer 2 unmanaged 

8 Digital Station Ports - Compatible with 2400, 4400, 5400, 6400 and 3810 wireless telephones 

2 Analog Station Ports - Used for connection of analog telephones and devices 

2 Internal Trunk Module Slots - Compatible with PRI 24 T1, PRI 48 T1, Quad BRI, and Analog Trunk Module (ATM4) 

1 VCM Expansion Slot - Compatible with VCM 5/10/20/30 and VCM 4/8/16/24. Maximum voice compression channels capacity of 30 channels. 

6 Expansion Ports - Compatible with Digital Station 16/30, Phone 8/16/30,So8, WAN3, and Analog Trunk 16 

1 Compact Flash Slot - For use with optional Embedded Voicemail card 

Additional Ports - Music on-hold, DTE port, external relay switch for door entry controls, integral WAN port 

Maximum Extensions - 190 of various types in combination. Analog only: 182. DS Only: 188. IP Only: 190. 

PCS 08 or Higher - Hardware revision PCS 08 or higher is compatible with all releases of IP Office including R4.0 and higher 

One Year Warranty



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Avaya IP406 V2 DS MUL-BASE (700359946)

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