Avaya 3920 Cordless Phone w/Repeater

The Avaya 3920 Wireless Telephone uses DECT 6.0 technology. Up to six repeaters can be linked with a single base unit to increase coverage area and can support a maximum of five channels with six full-duplex slots, providing you with a total of 30 available channels/slots.


The Avaya 3920 features:

3 line backlight display
1 line status information
2 line X 16 character PARTNER phone display
Talk, Mute and Speakerphone keys
2 dedicated Intercom keys
6 programmable line/feature keys with Status LED
Open field/line of site: up to 700 feet
In-building: 100 to 350 feet
The coverage area depends on the environment. The range of radio coverage depends on the material of which the building is composed.
A maximum of six base units can be installed at one site.
A maximum of 20 radio transmitting devices (base units and repeaters) can be installed at one site. Up to six of those devices can be base units.
The base units must be located at least 17 feet apart from one another.
The repeaters must be located at least 35 feet apart from base units and other repeaters.

One Year Warranty



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Avaya 3920 Cordless Phone w/Repeater

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